Conversations with Heaven Extended

Spiritual Mediumship

  • 1 hour
  • 35 US dollars
  • Over the phone

Conversations with Heaven

Is there a loved one you would like to reach out to in heaven? Do you ever wonder if they are still with you seeing your life today? Let me bring forward evidence that they are here and still very much alive in spirit. Even more then that let me bring you comfort in knowing those that have passed before you will be there to greet you when it is your turn to make that trip back home. Death is not the end. In a session, spirit can talk about issues and ailments of the body of theirs and their loved ones. Present day situations and some times future. Things they loved in life and their personality. Often in a reading they will mention things it would be impossible to know unless they were here today. Tears of joy and happiness are to be expected! If within the first 10 minutes you are not satisfied you may stop the reading for a full refund. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Disclaimer* By way of booking or participating in your appointment, you agree to the following: That you are at least 18 years old and have voluntarily decided to book or participate in a reading for yourself. That you understand that an intuitive mediumship reading is in no way a substitute for professional medical, mental health, or spiritual counseling and treatment. I urge you to seek appropriate care for mind and body. I am not a healer or shaman, and I do not wish to have authority over your life, your self-understanding or your future. I strongly urge you to be your own healer, your own best advocate. That you understand that I, or any intuitive, cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy of any statement and that I do not include or guarantee predictions of the future in my practice. I always urge people who see me to remain authorities in their own lives. No psychic, medium, intuitive, or other counselor can tell you what to do or tell you who you are. Intuitives, psychics, and mediums and other such practitioners can be wrong, can interpret material incorrectly, or put language to the information they receive that miscommunicates, or only partly communicates, what they are seeing, sensing, hearing. Remember that intuitives encounter complex symbols, feelings, tastes, sounds, images, memories, and so on, which they then must rapidly translate into human language. Error is possible. By booking you are engaging in this reading at your own risk and are accepting full responsibility.*

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund please cancel 24 hours prior.